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Five tips to streamline your move to Plumpton!

Moving can be one of the most exciting – yet stressful – times in life. There are so many bits and pieces, big and small to think about, pack, unpack – it can get confusing. Here are five tips to streamline your move to the Monument Estate at Plumpton.

     Sell some of your unwanted items

Accumulated more junk and unwanted items than you care to admit? It’s time to give them the heave-ho. Hold a garage sale, sell the stuff on eBay or Gumtree, donate or just give it away. There’s a double benefit: there’s less things to pack and you make a bit of pocket money to fund the move!

    Label everything and take reference pictures

When moving, throwing things into a box just to “get it out of the way” will give you a massive headache when you arrive in Plumpton. The cure is to label everything you can. Colour coding boxes according to rooms help you see what goes where without even thinking; that way you can have all the boxes in their designated rooms ready to go.

Hi-Fi and TV setups might have manuals but they’re often unique as you are – so take a photo of your setup beforehand so you know how to recreate it in Plumpton. Write down all your wi-fi details and passwords too, just in case you can’t retrieve them.

    Use “packing hacks”

There are so many “hacks” to make your packing and unpacking that much easier. For example, packing your plates with foam or plastic plates in between them will prevent them from cracking, another alternative is wrapping them in discarded newspapers.

Wine cases are ideal for packing glassware instead of wrapping them up, which you can get for free at any bottle shop.

Plastic wrapping chests of drawers or bedside tables with everything still inside can save a lot of hassle (removing the fragile items first, of course.)

If you have clothes on hangers, simply fit them all inside a garbage bag and tie off the end leaving the hangers exposed. Hang them back on a rack with a minimum of fuss – they’ll be dust-free, too!

Pack harder items with softer or plush items such as cushions on the outsides; this is a greener and less wasteful way to pack instead of using bubble wrap, for example.

    Create a schedule and checklist

There’s so much going on in a move; make a schedule and checklist and then stick to it!. “Winging it” will inevitably lead to trouble. If you have a timeline for everything, the whole process will flow much better and stop you wondering what to do next.

To make things even easier in Plumpton, use a visual guide to ensure a safe and streamlined pack of your moving van, trailer, semi-trailer, or truck. There may be guides online specific to your model.

    Pack a box of first-night essentials

The first night in your new house means you’ll be stepping over boxes and bags and other bits and pieces you’ll deal with later. A box of essentials such as toothbrushes, toiletries, towels, and other things you can’t live without will save you digging around for things when you’re just exhausted and need a night’s rest!