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Monument FAQs

What effect is Covid-19 having on construction at Monument?

Our civil contractors are more committed than ever during the Covid-19 pandemic with work continuing out on site uninterrupted. If you are building a house on a lot you have recently purchased, you will need to contact your builder for an update on their progress.

Do you have NBN or Opticom?

Monument is connected to the NBN Network.


Where are the nearest schools located?

Right now there is the St George PRECA primary school in Plumpton, Bacchus Marsh Grammar in Aintree and Southern Cross Grammar in Taylors Hill is a 5 minute drive. Caroline Springs is home to the, Catholic Regional College, Creekside K-9 College and Lakeview Senior College. Monument will have a Government and a non-Government school located in close proximity in the next 5 years complete with playing fields.


Do you have the “Bushfire Attack Levy” on your blocks?

Every block at Monument is currently subject to the Bushfire attack levy that adds an additional $5000 to the cost of each new home. This may be lifted in the future. Check if it is still in place at the website of the Department Environment, Land, Water and Planning, DELWP.


When can I go on site and see my block?

The purchaser can only go onto the site once titles have been released. If your bank needs valuation prior to settlement then this can be arranged with the sales agent.


Do you have recycled water on your estate?

There is no requirement for recycled water at Monument.


Do I need a rainwater tank on my block?

Any block over 300 sqm needs to have a 2000 litre water tank connected to the roof.


Who takes care of rubbish dumped on my block once I have paid for it?

The purchaser is personally responsible for the maintenance and cleanliness of their block once it is settled.  This means removing rubbish and makes sure the grass is cut short. The council can issue fines if the grass is too long or there is rubbish dumped on the lot.


How far away is the Outer Metropolitan Ring Road from the Monument estate?

The Ring Road will be 500m-700m from Monument with the Government website indicating a commencement date of 2030.


When will the shopping centre (LTC) be open at Monument?

A Local Town Centre is planned for Monument and the proposed opening date is 2024/2025, view centre plans here.


Is Monument located close to Public Transport?

Monument is close to Rockbank train station and bus services will run along Taylors Rd to Caroline Springs and the train station from 2021 as well as other community facilities such as schools and shopping centres.


Where is the nearest Train station and how long does it take to get there?

The closest railway station is Rockbank and when Taylors Road opens in 2020 it will be less than a 5 minute drive.


Can I resell my block if I lose my job/Get Divorced etc?

You would need to ask for permission from the vendor to on sell once you have settled on the lot. You can nominate your lot to another purchaser prior to settlement but you are still personally liable if they do not proceed with the settlement of the lot.


What is and isn’t included in the Free Designer Front Garden?

Each house purchased at Monument comes with a Free Designer Front Garden which is available after settlement by filling in a Voucher (which will be provided to you) and returning it to the Landscaper.

Before the Landscaper comes to your home to discuss your garden there are one or two things that you must do:

  • 1. Your side boundary fencing, driveway and any hardscapes (concrete paths, retainers etc) to the property are completed

  • 2. Front yard levels to be 100mm below hard surfaces for installation of soil and mulch.  Site to be cleared of all rubbish, rocks & weeds.

The easiest way to achieve item 2 above is to ask your builder to complete the levelling and clear up before he leaves site, or you can ask the Landscaper to do this for you but there will be a small cost involved (cost will vary depending on lot size and amount of work required), failing that you can do those small tasks yourself.

The package excludes driveways, boundary fencing, retaining walls and removal of rubbish & vegetation.  The package also excludes footpaths, turf to nature strip, letterbox, outdoor lighting or any maintenance of the landscaping after completion as part of the Free Designer Front Garden


Why do some lots in the estate have a residential address of Bonnie Brook and others Fraser Rise?

If you purchase land in the estate on the east side of Plumpton Road, your suburb will be Fraser Rise and on the west side it is Bonnie Brook. Originally when Resi Ventures purchased the land the whole area was known as Plumpton however due to the amount of growth in the area it has been rezoned and now Monument Estate falls into the two mentioned suburbs.