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How to Buy At Monument During The Lockdown

The Covid-19 lockdown doesn’t mean you can’t buy property, land is still available for purchase at Monument.
With stages titling from now through to 2021 there is plenty of time for the world to regain its balance and for you to plan and build your new home!
So the next thing for you to do it is find your perfect block.


Facebook, eDM or text message

Watch out for the latest updates and offers from Monument via eDM, Facebook, text or visit our website



Go to the Monument website and identify the lot or house and land package you are interested in. The website contains all the lots and the house and land packages available.
You can download an information sheet showing a floor plan and inclusions for each house and land package that appeals to you.


Contact our Sales Agents for more Information

You can contact our sales agents at Red23 by phone, text, email, Facetime or Zoom for a chat.
Teleconferencing via Facetime or Zoom is a great way to have a personal meeting without attending the office and it is our preferred method of contact at the moment.
Contact our Estate Manager, Sharon on1300 040 563 who is available to help you with your selection and explain the purchasing process.

The sales office is open by appointment only whilst social distancing restrictions are in place.



Once you decide on your block you can make an appointment with Sharon to discuss the details.
Alternatively this can be done via teleconferencing so you don’t need to even attend the office.



Once our sales agents have provided you with the information you need you can start organising your finances and researching your choice of house and land package


Purchase Contract

You can even sign your purchase contract online without needing to go into the office.
The final signed contract will be delivered to you by contactless Express Post.

If you have further questions contact Monument Estate Manager, Sharon on1300 040 563


And don’t forget you can secure your new lot today with only a 5% deposit.