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Is your home your sanctuary? Tips to create a zen home.

Is it any wonder that a cluttered home leads to a disorganised mind? This blog will explore how to organise your home cutting through the clutter and creating a place of tranquillity and style – your own oasis. Having the space to unwind and relax is not only beneficial for the mind, but an organised home also has the flow-on effect of making life easier – not to mention more efficient.

Minimalist style equals minimal distractions

Does minimal equal boring? Absolutely not. The entire idea here is to focus on quality versus quantity. Having well-made, beautiful pieces of furniture or decoration is not only pleasing to the eye but will stand the test of time. Having too many visual distractions in a room can feel overwhelming, increasing our stress levels. The beauty in a simplified room is the space to breathe, to unwind. 

There is also the value created in having to do less – simply, having less means less to clean and organise. So take stock of your rooms, what furniture would you keep? Furniture that is well-made or is of sentimental value. What furniture could you sell and what do you need to invest in? 

Everything has a place

Out of sight, out of mind – it’s time to get inventive with storage. Storage bins and baskets are about to become your clever new friends. Before you head to Kmart to empty out their home organisation section, take a moment to plan. Going in with a plan requires you measuring the spaces and having an idea of what items will go in what size storage. Going in with a plan also means that you will not be spending unnecessarily.

Take note of where you use items if the scissors in your desk are mainly being used in the kitchen – create a space for them there. The idea here is to make life far easier as well as pleasing to look at.

Take your time

Minimalism and organisation are lifestyle choices, they take time to implement and time to refine. Trying to knock over a house in one go will potentially only lead to more confusion. Pace yourself, enjoy the process of decluttering. Taking things slowly will allow you to understand where everything belongs to functionally. 

Sensory delights 

Bring the outdoors in. Nature is scientifically proven to be restorative, there are many ways to incorporate greenery into your home. Showcasing natural woods, potted or hanging plants, even a sweet little potted succulent in the kitchen looks stylish and has a calming effect. Now that you’ve fully cleansed your home – bring in some candles and essential oils for that touch of luxury and viola, you’ve turned your home into your own private sanctuary.