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Park Design Reflects a World Class Monument

Monument Park is going to be an exciting destination for all ages. The use of unique design elements will create a distinct identity for Monument Park. The park includes all the necessary components to stand out among the other parks and playgrounds in Melbourne’s west.

Towering design

The design of the estate, which was to be monumental, served as the inspiration for the park.  The large play towers echo the iconic twin tower design that the Petrona Twin Towers in Malaysia are known for. A world-renowned monument attraction with the highest two-storey bridge in the world.

Artist impression

Play tower experience

The play towers may not be as tall as the Petronas Twin Towers, but a 11.9 metre spire is still quite an impressive structure. The climbing walls, scramble net, and slides attached to the towers will likely make for an exciting and challenging experience.  They’re sure to provide hours of entertainment and adventure for visitors of all ages.

Something for everyone

The basketball half-court and plaza skate area are great additions for those who want to be active and engage in some friendly competition. And for those who prefer a more relaxed experience, the BBQ area will be perfect for enjoying some delicious food and soaking up the atmosphere.

Monument Park will offer a wide range of interests and activities. There is no doubt it will become a popular destination. A place for family and friends to socialise, play and relax.

The park is currently under construction and due for completion mid-year.

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