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Smart Home Automation - The Benefits

Moving into a house with smart home technology provides safety and security features, as well as letting you be at home even when you are away. Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits.


Smart home technology provides a central point in which to manage all your home devices which are fitted with smart technology capabilities. So essentially, you just need to learn how to use one app and the connectivity and functionality of the technology will do the rest.

Reducing power bills

You will have more dollars in your pocket with a reduction in energy bills. Smart home technology allows energy to be used more efficiently around the home, by automatically monitoring lights and other appliances. This functionality allows you to control the technology in your home without being home.


Away for the weekend, have friends staying or  just need to keep an eye on the pets, cameras and smart door locks allow you to do just that. You can even unlock your door remotely for guests who happen to stop by before you get home with the latest in smart door locks.


Home security would be high on most homeowners list of essentials. With a smart home network set up through motion, door, and window sensors your smart home technology will alert you to any security threats.

Stream and control

Let your devices work for you. You can use voice control to play your favourite songs, set reminders and play your favourite shows on Netflix using a Google Nest Mini and Google Chromecast, available in our purchasers Google Home gift pack.

With smart home technology you can live in the future now.

When you purchase at Monument Estate in Plumpton, you receive a Google Home kit and designer front garden valued at up to $12,000. To learn more, call our Sales Team on 1300 040 563 or visit our website