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Tips For Keeping Your House Cool and Bills Low This Summer

Stay cool at home this summer without hurting your hip pocket. The use of air conditioners can significantly increase your utility bills especially during prolonged periods of hot weather.

Most new house designs invest in energy efficient standards with compliant appliances however there are some simple yet effective ways to stay cool, which will save you money and reduce your energy footprint. Here they are.

Close the blinds and shut doors

The primary source of heat comes in through the windows, so it makes sense to close the blinds to keep the sun out especially in the middle of the day. Investing in a superior quality cellular blind, which traps the heat within its honeycomb design, will keep the house cool in summer and warm in winter.

Shut the doors to areas of the house that aren’t being occupied. This will prevent cooler air loss and the main living areas will retain a comfortable temperature.

Use a fan

The use of a ceiling fan in key areas of the home can help to reduce the temperature by up to 5 degrees and are more economical than switching on the split system or ducted air conditioning. They can also be used as a feature within the room, with many contemporary designs and colour options available. Fans are quieter to operate and some even come with remote controls which make use easier and convenient.

Install insulation

Insulation is one of the most effective ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency. It works by creating a barrier for heat flowing in and out of the house. So, when the temperature soars it acts to block or deflect the heat from entering the home which results in the home staying cooler. Always check the R-value to make sure you’ve got the right insulation grade for the climate and style of home you live in.

Avoid using appliances

Things like ovens and dryers generate heat which will contribute to an increase in temperature within the house, not to mention extra energy costs especially if you are using an air conditioning unit as well. Best to use these early or later in the day when the temperature cools down.

Next time you go to switch on the air conditioner on a sweltering day, take a moment to assess if you’ve made enough minor changes to keep the heat out and energy consumption down. For a full list of ways to reduce your energy cost click here.