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Lockwood Smart Lock
Unlock your door remotely for guests, tradespeople or deliveries.
Wide Beam Motion Sensor
Ideal for monitoring rooms and triggering alerts or automations.
Smart Thermostat
Automate your compatible home heating and cooling system to turn on when you want.
Indoor Wi-Fi HD Camera
Wi-Fi connectivity for easy placement.
Smart Light Bulb
Automated control and energy saving.
Smart Power Plugs
Automated control for your lamps, radios and other devices.
Smart Home Hub
Connects all of your Smart Home devices.
Door or Window Sensors
Monitor open/closed status and trigger alerts or automations.
Outdoor Wi-Fi HD Camera
Weather resistant with Wi-Fi connectivity for easy placement.

Please note: Telstra are discontinuing this product.
A replacement Smart Home kit will be announced soon.

Connected Lifestyle

Telstra Smart Home ®
Be at home, even when you’re away.

Every eligible monument customer will be provided with a Telstra Smart Home® starter kit and devices

Imagine if you could manage your home while you’re out - check that you turned off the iron this morning, watch your pets play while you’re at work or even see the kids come home from school. You can do all this and more with the Telstra Smart Home® App and connected devices on your home broadband.

The Telstra Smart Home® App makes it easy for you to talk to your smart home devices, with customised automations. Create instructions in the app to tell your smart home devices what to do and when to do it. You only need to set up automations once and the Telstra Smart Home® App will remember them for you.

The Telstra Smart Home® Starter Kits and bonus additional devices will be handed to each resident upon settlement of their land.

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Telstra Smart Home Kit

Switch appliances off or on when you’re out and about. Have your lights turn on to make your home look lived in while you’re away. Monitor what’s going on at home.

  • Telstra Smart Home® Hub
  • Two Smart Power Plugs
  • 1 Indoor Camera
  • 1 Outdoor Camera
  • 1 Google Home Mini
  • Two Door or Window Sensors
Bonus inclusions for Monument customers

Keep an eye on your home, family and pets. Unlock your door remotely for guests, tradespeople or deliveries. Or be alerted to unexpected visitors.

  • Smart Door Lock*
Customise your Smart Home with additional devices.

Choose from a range of additional devices that you can purchase outright or add on to your Telstra bill to help you tailor your smart home to your family’s needs.